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Final Score: Knicks 99, Pistons 85

Swept the home stand!


Hey, that was different, although not so different from New York's previous game against Detroit. New York ran up a huge lead with some beautiful ball movement and decent defense against the sorry Pistons, then let said sorry Pistons kiiiinda make it a game in the second half by ceasing to move the ball and play defense. It never got below double-digits, though, and the Knicks canned a couple threes to keep it from getting scary. Would've been nice to save some starters from playing 35+ minutes but, ya know, Tyson Chandler got his third straight 20-rebound game in his 36 minutes, so that's cool. Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks in scoring with a lovely 27 on 17 shots in 37 minutes (and he wore the number 7 on his jersey to hit for the 7 cycle).

The win completed a sweep of New York's five-game home stand, moving them to 31-15 overall. Good stuff. Recap later!