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Woodson: Rasheed Wallace will return after the All-Star break, but not at 100 percent.

Still no word on Marcus Camby.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

In his pre-game press conference last night, Mike Woodson offered some vague updates on the recovery of Rasheed Wallace, who's been out since-- holy shit, it's been a while-- December 13 with a stress reaction in his left foot. Woodson told reporters Wallace wouldn't be back before the All-Star break, but might return as soon as February 20 against Indiana, New York's first game after the break. Woodson also said this:

Woody says he expects Wallace to play no more than 9-10 minutes once he returns. "He'll never be 100 percent," he said.

And that's pretty much what we'd been guessing. Wallace's ailment is a stress issue, and running around on a basketball court (or whatever it is that Sheed does) is, ya know, stress. It seems to me like Wallace has a limited number of minutes to play before his foot starts to hurt and get dangerously close to fracturing again, and the Knicks are basically gauging when to use those minutes. Wallace has boosted New York's interior defense/shouting when available, so preserving him for just the right moment might actually be a pretty important task.

As for Marcus Camby, no clue. Woodson confirmed he won't be back before All-Star Weekend either, which means he'll blow right through his 2-4 week recovery prognosis without even practicing. Plantar fasciitis is an asshole.