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Tuesday Tropical Boubous



Sup. You want some of these links? Some of these LINKS? Some of THESE links? Fine. Take 'em.

- It's debatable whether or not Tropical Boubous are actually a single species, but no one doubts that they are good birds. Yes, there are other Boubou species. No, none are called the Honey Boubou. I checked.

- Tyson Chandler lost a bet with Carmelo Anthony and had to wear a Ravens hat during his media availability last night.

- Melo either semi-secretly knows or is just assuming that James White will be invited to the dunk contest. I believe we find out on Thursday.

- God, I hope Steve Novak gets a three-point contest invite. He'd be so happy.

- Not much going on in this interview with Walt Frazier, but the interviewer DOES mash Mike Woodson and Tyson Chandler up into "Mike Tice", so there's that.

- I haven't even read this yet, but I'm very excited to do so. I never owned one of those posters, but there a few in my elementary school gym and my best friend had a giant Patrick Ewing one next to his bed.

- The Knicks like three-pointers.

- Again, just leaving this here. JOHN LUCAS, GUYS.

- Related note: J.R. Smith is in great company (besides John Lucas and Mrs. Boomshell).

- J.R. comes to terms with his missed free throw and ESPN posting the video of said missed free throw. #DamnShame

- The Knicks: Good at clothing.

- The D-League All-Star Game will include two BayHawks: D.J. Kennedy and our friend Henry Sims, and some old friends like Jerome Jordan, Marcus Landry, and Ron Howard.

- Beckley Mason was at the game last night and came away with a pretty solid summary of where the Knicks stand right now.

- Will Leitch had an especially sunny view of the Knicks this morning.

- My NBA Power Rank'ems for this week.

- Probably something to be learned here.

I hope you liked the links. <3