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Steve Novak will participate in the NBA Three-Point Shootout

Eh! Steve!


Huzzah! James White just got a long-awaited invitation to the NBA Dunk Contest, and now we have our second bit of good All-Star Saturday news. As was just announced on TNT, Steve Novak-- a man born to shoot threes the way White was born to dunk-- will participate in the Three-Point Shootout alongside Ryan Anderson, Matt Bonner, Stephen Curry, Paul George, and Kyrie Irving.

It's hard to know how a guy's shooting ability translates to the unique format of snatching basketballs off some racks and jacking up 30 consecutive threes from all regions of the arc, but Novak's got a good shot here, even against some tough competition in Curry, Anderson, and Bonner (Irving and George are good shooters, but I can't see either of them thriving in this setting. I guess we'll see). Seems like there's a pretty decent chance for the Knicks to take both contests. That's definitely going to be the most exciting night of the All-Star break.

Man, if Steve wins this and does the belt celebration...