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Knicks Trade Rumors: The Knicks have "some interest" in Jared Dudley.

Ehhhh, probably not.


I don't think this is anything, but here's what Alex Kennedy posted after I'd shut my laptop late last night:

Source says the New York Knicks have some interest in Jared Dudley. No word on who they would offer or if talks have taken place.

So, just "interest", no actual offer or even word of a phone call or poke or Snapchat or anything. That could be something as minor as a Knicks scout pulling up Dudley's B-Ref page and saying "Hmm. I am having interest". My best guess is that Dudley wants to flee the poopfest in Phoenix and that he and his agent are pulling a Grant Hill and invoking the Knicks' name to spark interest around the league. I say that because-- and correct me if I'm missing something here-- who would the Knicks trade for Jared Dudley? I'm seeing Iman Shumpert's name bouncing around Twitter, but: 1. PLEASE NOT SHUMP I DON'T CARE IF IT'S A SENSIBLE TRADE CAN'T I HAVE ONE YOUNG EXCITING PLAYER. 2. Shump's on a rookie deal owing him less than $2 million this year and Dudley's on a fresh contract paying him over $4 million per until 2016. It wouldn't match unless the Knicks added minimum contracts along with Shump, and why would they do that? Guys like Marcus Camby and Steve Novak have contracts closer to equaling Dudley's, but what the hell would Phoenix want with them? (Then again, what the hell would they want with Michael Beasley or Jermaine O'Neal? Can't really project one's logic onto the Suns front office.)

So, again, unless I'm misunderstanding finances (a distinct possibility) a trade for Dudley would have to include Shump and other Knicks or a mid-range salary Knick instead. Neither strikes me as a pleasing arrangement for both sides. I can see why Dudley might be a target-- he's a good shooter who torched the Knicks earlier this year-- but acquiring him just doesn't look feasible. I guess it could be a three-team thing.

But I'm not thinking too hard about any of this, because it doesn't actually sound like the Knicks are trying to trade for Jared Dudley. It's just "interest", and even then, it might be overblown interest deliberately leaked by the player, not either of the teams. We move on.