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Woj: The Suns covet Iman Shumpert.

Here's Adrian Wojnarowski saying the Suns want Iman Shumpert, but the Knicks might NOT be interested in Jared Dudley:

As the Phoenix Suns try to reshuffle their roster for the future, their front office remains motivated to try to acquire New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Suns are willing to give New York a package that includes forward Jared Dudley and possibly a future first-round pick for Shumpert, but the Knicks have so far shown no inclination to do such a deal, sources said.

I dunno. I don't see this happening. I've accepted begrudgingly that the Knicks might want to deal Shumpert for someone more proven, but this one doesn't look likely because of the finances, the fit, and the lack of interest (I trust Woj on that one). I guess we'll see.