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Marcus Camby won't return tonight, but maybe Sunday.

Camby is nearing his return after an absence of over six weeks.


Good afternoon, babies. The air around the Knicks feels relatively quiet and still as they prepare for revenge in Washington. One nice update in the wake of the Rasheed Wallace injury news (he had his foot surgery yesterday) is that Marcus Camby is nearly ready to return following a prolonged recovery from plantar fasciitis. He scrimmaged this week and might take the court this weekend, though definitely not tonight:

I love that it was the "plan all along". I picture Camby pulling up lame back in early January and immediately announcing, "K, I'll see you guys against Miami on March 3rd". Wait, does "all along" mean since he signed with the Knicks? Since he was born? Conceived?

But yeah, it'll be nice to have Camby back. Mike Woodson has been practicing some rotational gymastics (that sounds like hula-hooping, but I mean a lineup rotation) to maximize Tyson Chandler's presence and hide those especially defensless lineups with Amar'e Stoudemire at the five and Steve Novak or Carmelo Anthony at the four. Camby's return and Kenyon Martin's gradual introduction to the second unit should help at least a little. As always, though, the Knicks must remain cautious with Camby. He's got a chronic injury that's bound to flare up again if mismanaged. With Sheed more than likely done, the Knicks could reeeeeally use a healthy Camby in the postseason.