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Game Thread: Knicks at Wizards- 3/1/13

The Knicks play the Wizards in D.C.

Bruce Bennett

Good evening! It's almost game time, and we have a bit of news:

Interesting. Match-up wise, I imagine White will take Martell Webster and Iman Shumpert will take either John Wall or Bradley Beal (leaving the other to light up Raymond Felton. Why the change? It's not just the shooting slump, or at least that's what Woodson says:

That's a little weird and I wonder if it marginalizes Pablo Prigioni somehow. I hope not. We'll see. No word on Nene yet, incidentally. At least not that I've seen.

Anyway, here's your game thread. Here's Bullets Forever. Please don't post large photos, .gifs or links to illegal streams in the thread. Get your revenge, Knicks!