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Knicks-Jazz Leftovers

Some leftover notes and highlights from the Knicks' blowout win over the Jazz.


Good morning! The Knicks responded splendidly to some adversity, blowing out the Jazz without Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony around to help them. Here's a li'l museum of artifacts from the night that was:

- The undisputed highlight of the evening was Steve Novak's dribble-drive floater off the glass, a feat so miraculous that anyone who dare gaze upon this .gif will be stricken dead. That's your fair warning:


(Via The Knicks Wall, via @cjzero)

- Here's video of Novak's whole night:

- J.R. Smith put down a big ol' windmill dunk in garbage time:

- J.R. and Kurt Thomas had a good laugh about it afterward:



- Philip Seymour Hoffman has terrific hands (via NBA Offseason):


- John Leguizamo took over the Knicks' Twitter account last night and somehow out-annoyed Tyrese, who did the same thing last week:

- Walt Frazier was in top form last night, wearing his best pinstriped Harvey-Dent's-evil-half suit, dropping the rare rhyming quarter to describe Utah's futility: "...the Jazz with no fire, no desire; seeming tired, uninspired", and calling Marvin Williams "Michael" at least once.

It was a good night for a bad day.