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Carmelo Anthony is probable to play tonight.

Good news!


We were deeply in need of some good injury news. Here, at least tentatively, is that:

Melo participated in shootaround today after missing three straight games (and shootarounds) with a vague right knee injury. We'll see whether or not Anthony plays, but even the "probable" label is encouraging, because I think the passage of time and bad Amar'e Stoudemire news were feeding our Melo paranoia.

Meanwhile, David Lee, who missed out on a return to Madison Square Garden when the Knicks beat the Warriors a couple weeks ago, is listed as questionable for tonight but sounds pretty intent on playing. (Update: He's gonna play.)

So, that's what's up for the moment. Still got a while before a 10:30 EST tip-off. For now, I ask: What's the morality of stopping by a Mac store in the mall to write a blog post with absolutely no intention of purchasing anything? Should I feel bad right now?

Updates from Chris Herring:

Not great that Melo anticipates being sub-100% for the rest of the year, but I'm pretty sure you'd get the same self-evaluation from half the players in the NBA. Perhaps skipping occasional games will help keep the stiffness and fluid build-up to a minimum. Either way, it's something to keep in mind for the rest of the year.