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Warriors 92, Knicks 63: "Why are we watching this?"

So, that wasn't fun.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys! This is Seth. You know, from Posting and Toasting. I'm starting this mid-way through the fourth quarter of the Knicks game. The Warriors are beating them. Like, with sticks and clubs. Stephen Curry has a gun. I'm not enjoying the game, but I am eating some Wheat Thins and they are nice. Carmelo Anthony is back on the floor and approaching almost 40 minutes of playing time despite his knee being turgid with knee juice and the game being way out of hand and the fact that his first 30 minutes were sad and terrible and-- oh, he's checking out now, so that's good. 34 minutes, though. 4-15 from the field. 10 rebounds!?

The Knicks didn't defend the Warriors much worse than they did a couple weeks ago when they won. They still paid the price for totally neglecting Curry and Klay Thompson over screens, hedging and trapping only occasionally. This time, though, the Warriors had David Lee around to add some buckets around the rim and beat the Knicks' rotations with kick-out passes. Oh, and the Knicks didn't hit any shots. Really: no shots at all. That was a big difference between the two games. Like, they hit some, but they were by accident I think.

Outside of Iman Shumpert's hot first quarter and Chris Copeland's usual garbage time explosion, very few people but basketballs in ballbaskets. Melo couldn't hit a thing, Steve Novak bricked a bunch of wide open looks, and J.R. Smith sharted away 21 minutes before getting ejected on a type-two flagrant foul. Honestly, the best the Knicks looked is when they put out the worst possible scoring lineup and just let Kenyon Martin, Kurt Thomas, and Jason Kidd jog around molesting ballhandlers.

Game's over now. The Knicks finished with 63 points, which isn't enough points to beat, like, Coppin State. I, like our friend StarksMiddleFinger, am wondering why any of us bothered watching this one. Oh man, my chin is bleeding a little. Weird.

Four more stops on this road trip, y'all. Wednesday night is Melo's return to Denver. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee