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Tuesday Capercaillies


Richard Bartz

Hi friends! I've gotta run for a bit, but here are some quick links while I'm gone.

- I went to the Bronx Zoo on Sunday and saw some pretty great capercaillies. I highly recommend the Zoo and the World of Birds if you want to see a LOT of the species featured in these links.

- Buy one of these J.R. Smith t-shirts for each member of your family!

- Jared Dubin shows you how the "Steve Novak play" works. Of course, if he (Steve, that is. Jared never misses threes) can't hit open threes, it doesn't matter.

- Chris Herring highlights just how impressive Amar'e Stoudemire's pre-injury (well, inter-injury) transformation was.

- Meanwhile, this Herring piece on the possibility of moving Melo back to the three poses a nice companion to Joe's post earlier today.

- I don't usually link to Mitch Lawrence around here, but Melo admitting to some uncertainty regarding his knee injury is indeed a little worrisome.

- Dan Litvin-- not much of a J.R. Smith fan-- takes a long look at what J.R. really means to the Knicks. I'll readily admit that my love for J.R. is highly irrational. My love of basketball and the Knicks and, shit, my entire existence is highly irrational.

- SHEED POPE. I'd also be open to Chris Popeland.

- This has already been shared and discussed, but I just want to make it clear that Renaldo Balkman is welcome at P&T. Renaldo, if you're reading this, come write us some posts, man. And if you need to choke somebody out, I think Joe would be fine with that.

- It was written pre-Warriors debacle, but Jonathan Fishner's "Week in Knicks" is always worth a look.

- You're kinda killing your players, Woody.

- Pablo Prigioni + Thierry Henry.

- Shumpert Island may be a thing in the near future. Doesn't seem like it's gonna be soon, though.

- Knicks tickets: Still very expensive, only expensiver now.

- Cool arts!

- Dumping Rasheed Wallace or making some other cut/signing to add a healthy body still isn't out of the question.

That is all! Have a lovely afternoon. Stay dry.