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Patrick Ewing will join a couple MSG broadcasts

Hey, that's something!


Folks have been clamoring for years for the Knicks to bring Patrick Ewing back into the organization. The team hasn't been too keen on Ewing's angling for a coaching job and hasn't been able to find another role for him. Ewing turned down a gig a Erie and, for whatever reason, hasn't hung around the club in some vague community relations position the way guys like John Starks and Larry Johnson have. Whatever the obstacles were before, it seems Knick legend and Knick organization are at least taking steps toward a reunion re-Ew-nion. Ewing will appear in the MSG studio a couple times later this month:

That'll make a lot of people happy. This isn't the first time Ewing's done TV stuff around the Knicks, of course; he was part of the NBA TV crew that hung out in Greenburgh for that "Real Training Camp" special. As far as I can recall, though, this is Ewing's first official work with MSG besides showing up at the Garden and getting some screen time and a standing ovation once every few months. Cool.

Meanwhile, Jackie Butler's waiting by the phone...