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Tyson Chandler hurt his knee.



I write this at halftime of the Knicks-Nuggets game, which is already well on track for the anticipated doom. The doom, however, may be even worse than we thought. Tyson Chandler ran into Corey Brewer late in the second quarter and immediately crumpled to the floor in pain. Here's what the Knicks are saying at this very moment:

Tyson Chandler has a contused left knee. He will not return.

"Contused"= "bruised". Alan Hahn just said no MRI is scheduled and I also heard they're not planning an X-ray. As is pretty much always the case, this means the Knicks are either 1. Confident nothing is seriously wrong with Tyson. 2. Stupid or 3. Lying. Possibly all three, because it's the Knicks. I can't fathom why-- even if they're POSITIVE it's just a bruise-- the Knicks wouldn't run some tests, especially after all the other injuries.

Knicks being the Knicks aside, I hope with every one of my organs that Tyson is okay. Neither the Knicks nor my heart can afford a serious injury to Tyson. The fall did not look good to me. I'll update as updates come. (Meanwhile, as I prepare to hit "publish", Carmelo Anthony is headed to the locker room. Probably for the best.)

Update: Melo's night ended early in the third quarter when he pulled himself with what the Knicks are calling a "sore right knee", or basically a flare-up of what was already bothering him. More on Tyson and Melo after the game.