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Carmelo Anthony had his knee drained, is questionable for Sunday



Well, it took long enough, but after struggling to play through a game and a half on a badly swollen knee, Carmelo Anthony flew back to New York and got the thing taken care of. Via Knicks PR:

Carmelo Anthony had a soft tissue fluid collection of his posterior right knee aspirated today in NY. He is questionable for Sunday at LA.

Good. Bizarre medical politics aside, I'm glad Melo got over whatever apprehension or obstinance was keeping that knee soup in place. With the pressure and stiffness in his knee relieved, Melo can hopefully get back to producing soon, be that Sunday in Los Angeles, Monday in Utah, or back East sometime next week. This seems to be a chronic condition, not an acute structural injury, and the knee may require more draining in the future. One hopes Anthony and the Knicks won't dawdle next time the issue arises. Melo does his team very little good when his legs don't work right.