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The Knicks signed Kenyon Martin for the rest of the season

As expected.


As expected, the Knicks just announced that they've signed Kenyon Martin for the rest of the season. Martin had been playing on ten-day contracts, the second of which expired yesterday. You can't do three of those, so New York either had to sign Kenyon up for the rest of the season or take back outside and release him into the wilderness. Given that Martin's already proven his worth defensively and been remarkably productive on offense, the choice was pretty easy. Shit, Martin started and led those starters in scoring on Thursday. He's practically indispensable at this point.

This crystallizes the Knicks roster at 15, which means if they want to make a signing (I mention this because of recent reports they they were eyeing Delonte West) they'll have to cut somebody. In related news, James White got a DNP even amid last night's short-handedness and Rasheed Wallace may never play NBA basketball again.