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Clippers 93, Knicks 80: "No miracles today."

Can't wait for this road trip to end.

There are no photos of this game up yet, so here's a cool dog.
There are no photos of this game up yet, so here's a cool dog.

Here are some things that happened in today's Knicks-Clippers game:

- Raymond Felton nutmegged Chris Paul by accident:



- Kenyon Martin chucked a hook shot off the top of the shot clock. Kenyon Martin otherwise just ran around punching people.

- J.R. Smith may as well have been chucking hook shots off the top of the shot clock. He shot 4-20 from the field (1-7 from three). A lot of those 20 shots looked something like this.

- Kurt Thomas switched repeatedly onto Chris Paul and got shook so badly that the rusty parts of his pelvis just fell off entirely, but refused to come out of the game because he is a CHAMP:



- Raymond Felton played a pretty solid game, at least on offense, and both Steve Novak and Jason Kidd shot well from downtown. Those were nice things.

- The Clippers dunked a lot.

Like dimitrious suggested, the woefully shorthanded Knicks would have needed a miracle to beat the Clippers at home. They didn't get one. Just a whole bunch of Kurt Thomas mid-range bricks, Marcus Camby pick-and-farts, and Maximum Bad J.R.-ness with a few runs of three-pointers sprinkled in. All that actually kept New York close for a while because they forced a bunch of turnovers and limited their own, but that lifeline dissolved in the second half, when the Clippers just stopped turning the ball over.

The Knicks' fourth straight loss means the Nets can tie them in the standings with a win tonight against Atlanta, so, uh...let's hope they don't do that!