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Monday Bronze-Tailed Plumeleteers


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Hans Hillewaert

Hi! Tonight, the Knicks' miserable road trip comes to its merciful close with a visit to Utah. The Jazz are unlikely to go down as easily at home as they did in New York a week or two ago, but we'll get to that later. For now, links.

- Live I've said before, hummingbirds have the coolest names of any animals, and they obviously look pretty splendid, too. I could do all-hummingbird links and not run out for months. Plumeleteers (there are two species, the above being the bronze-tailed version) live in Central America and they are quite striking.

- We'll Always Have Linsanity is set for a Wednesday digital release. I will make a large, obnoxious announcement on that day, but here's a zany video for now. The print copy is due soon as well (mine just arrived). You can pre-order here if you're so inclined.

- The Knicks play in Utah tonight! Therefore, Utah had me on the radio this morning!

- A plea for Mike Woodson to find some lineups he likes and stick with them. Injuries make that difficult, but not impossible. Some stability could go a long way.

- And yeah, Pablo Prigioni should probably be a part of more of those lineups.

[locks self out of apartment for 45 minutes]

- Speaking of Pablo, he appears to be one of the best values (per dollar) in the NBA right now. Play him!


Those are the links. Pre-game news coming up in a moment.