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Isola: Kurt Thomas has a stress injury in his foot.

This may be it for Kurt.


Kurt Thomas got an MRI on that sore right foot today and Frank Isola seems to have found a leak before the results get announced:

If true, and if Rasheed Wallace's stress injury is any indication, this will probably end Kurt's season. Right? The alternative is for Kurt to just play through the pain like he did last night, but I think that would end with his foot split clean in half.

We'll see what comes of this, but one has to at least consider the possibility that last night's 27-minute, six-point, three-rebound, three-block performance in the Knicks' big win over the Jazz was the final game of Kurt's season, if not his career. I really hope Thomas has more basketball left in him, but working back from an injury like this at 40 years old might not be worth the trouble.

At least it will have been a fitting finale-- a Kurt Thomas Masterpiece. He will have gone down with a salvo of hard screens, pick-and-pop jumpers, and impossibly sedentary blocked shots, all while ignoring immense pain and cursing out belligerent Utahns. That's the most Kurt Thomas shit ever.

If this is it, Kurt, then thank you fo--


Oh, okay. Go ahead, Kurt.

Meanwhile, uh, it'd be especially great if Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler could return Wednesday, and it might be time to actually make some cuts to bring in a healthy body or two. Like, for real now.


We'll see about that. Meanwhile, there's more! New post coming soon.