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Tyson Chandler has a bulging disc, will miss about a week.

More injuries!

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so the Knicks just finally came out with their own injury reports, and it turns out Kurt Thomas isn't the only one out for a little while. Tyson Chandler's sore neck-- which re-replaced a sore knee as the injury of note-- turned out to be an actual something:

("Cervical spine" = Neck.)

Chandler's neck has been bothering him all year, so I guess this was bound to happen? Or maybe not if the Knicks had found it sooner? Eh? I have no idea. I just hope Chandler comes back healthy. We've seen far too many bulging discs-- DISCS, Al Trautwig-- put Knicks down for quite a while, but I think those were all lower back things.

Again, it might be time for some cuts/signings, because I don't even know who's left at this point. The Knicks may enter their next game by just having an equipment manager empty a pillowcase of bone dust onto the court.