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Tuesday Intermediate Egrets



Good evening! I have some links to share with you, and this can also serve as a thread for the night's non-Knicks games.

- Intermediate egrets, guys. They're not great egrets, they're not little egrets, they're just intermediate. (Alternate names: SmallER egret, Median egret, Okay egret. Two of those are true.)

- A whole Tumblr about Clydeisms!

- So, we're gonna pool our money together so one of us can do this, right?

- Cool Iman Shumpert art!

- Some tributes to Kurt Thomas, if indeed we've seen the last of him.

- The Knicks happened to be the antagonist of Zach Lowe's incredibly revealing look at the Raptors' analytic department.

- J.R. Smith is teaming up with 50 Cent to sell energy drinks, but also to help out hungry kids.

- Whole bunch o' former Knicks on this list. Whole bunch o' everybody on that list.

Those are the links! I hope you enjoyed at least one of them. Anybody eating good things for dinner or whatever mealtime it is in your time zone?