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Thursday Luzon Bleeding-Hearts


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Adrian Pingstone

Hey boogers. You're welcome to use this as an NCAA Tournament thread, but first allow me to throw some links at you.

- Bleeding-hearts are a few species of birds in the genus Gallicolumba (related to doves and pigeons) that live in the Philippines. They're called that because, dude, it totally looks like they have oozing chest wounds. The Luzon Bleeding-heart definitely has the bleedingest heart. (Update: Should probably note this as well.)

- Iman Shumpert is fine.

- We still made a book and it's still available for Kindle (and print in the very near future).

- Carmelo Anthony: Not into dunking. Noted. Fine with that.

- Still not a huge fan of seeing the Knicks all the way to the right here, but at least they're well above that x-axis.

- J.R. Smith be getting to the line.

- A guest poster contemplates the Knicks' age (and his own) at Knickerblogger while The Knicks Wall contemplates some possible alternatives to those old guys.

- Forgot to include this fun Clyde moment from last night's game, via Charlie Widdoes.

- Clyde's (fuzzy) tournament picks.

- I'll be on WCWP for my usual radio spot at 6:30 tonight.

Those are the links! I hope you're enjoying your afternoon whether or not you're curled up on your couch watching basketball day like...some of us are.