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Friday Eastern Whipbirds


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G'd'ft'rn'n, fronds. The Knicks start their home-and-home with the Raptors tonight in Toronto. That's at 7. For now, we link.

- Whipbirds like the Eastern species pictured above live in and around Australia, and they're called whipbirds because of their distinctive call, which goes "weeeeeeeeeEEOWP". That's how I'd transcribe it, anyway.

- Former Knick Ray Williams, whose dire medical situation was being tended to by James Dolan, has passed away at the age of 58. Rest in peace.

- Remember that time there was a picture of Carmelo Anthony sitting in that Game of Thrones..throne? I guess this is why that happened, though I'm still not totally clear WHY that happened.

- The Knicks are doing some cool charity things to help kids in Haiti.

- Though he hasn't ruled out the possibility of those injured big men returning sooner rather than later, Mike Woodson is planning as if he'll have Tyson Chandler, Kenyon Martin, and nobody else. With that in mind, the Knicks are still keeping several eyes on the D-League.

- While Jason Kidd-- who turns 40 tomorrow-- reflects and ponders his NBA senescence in an excellent Nate Taylor piece, he also leaves the door open to a possible retirement before his contract expires.

- Schmeelk wants more Pablo Prigioni. I tend to agree.

- Things about Knicks sneakers.

- Jim Cavavaniezel went on a Raptors podcast to talk about this weekend and about the book.

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