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Final Score: Knicks 110, Raptors 84

Four straight!


Good job, Knicks. Minutes got kinda heavy in the first leg of the Knicks' back-to-back against the Raptors. This time around, back in New York, the Knicks got their winning done early so guys like Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin could sit the fourth quarter. The Knicks built a double-digit lead by moving the ball well and protecting the rim some while the Raptors mostly heaved long twos, then a small lineup managed to push it out of reach early in the fourth quarter. Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin each had a splendid two-way game and J.R. Smith led the bench with 23 points (25. J.R., you troll).

Great work winning four straight over bad teams right before the schedule gets very tough again. Recap later or maybe in the morning. <3