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Tyson Chandler is questionable for Boston.

Chandler (still) has a bulging disc in his neck.


The Knicks just gave an update on Tyson Chandler's status for the Knicks' game in Boston tomorrow night (I thought it was tonight, but it is not):

Remember that the Knicks are calling Chandler's absence the result of a bulging disc in his neck, not anything related to the coinciding knee injury he suffered a week and a half ago (which they say was nothing significant). The team gave Chandler a one-week recovery time last Tuesday, so I suppose "questionable" for tomorrow is...okay. It's not "probable", but at least it's not "doubtful". And it's definitely not "We accidentally pulled out all the vertebrae in Tyson's neck so now his head just sits right on his shoulders. We're holding it in place with double-sided tape", which is good.

Chandler would be a big help in Boston, but if he needs more time, deeeeeefinitely give him more time. The Knicks have found a bit of a groove without him. I suspect that groove only runs as long as this easy patch of schedule, but it's not like Tyson's return is an emergency. Get right, big sir.