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Monday American Dippers


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Dominic Sherony

Good afternoon, children. No Knicks games today. Yes links game today, though.

- Dippers such as the American Dipper above are called dippers because they like to do a little dippy dance. They're also the only Passerine birds (songbirds, roughly speaking. Not all Passerines are songbirds, but dippers do fall in that category) that dive underwater and swim to catch their food. Check it out. "American Dippers" also sounds like a History Channel show about people who chew tobacco or something.

- Some Tyson Chandler updates:

- Also of note:

- Still a week or so until Amazon ships pre-ordered print copies of We'll Always Have Linsanity, but if you want a real, live book and haven't ordered yet, there's an alternative.

- I'll leave it to someone else to do a full translation, but Pablo Prigioni's most recent blog post suggests he was getting a little glum and restless in his limited minutes. Hopefully he's relieved to have earned a starting spot since writing the post. Team > player, but I want so much for Pablo to be happy.

- MSG found a replacement for Scott O'Neil.

- Max Fisher-Cohen's writing a four-part series on how the Knicks got where they are and parts one through three are already up. Part two is on Iman Shumpert's rough first couple months since returning (though I think he's shown substantial improvement even since the post was written) and part three's about The New Amar'e Stoudemire.

- Regarding that paranthetical.

- Shit's about to get tough again.

- Jonathan Fishner's Week in Knicks.

- J.R. Smith is rooting for Victor Cruz to stay in New York even though he's a Cowboys fan. One can't possibly predict what Smith's intentions will be as a free agent this summer, but why would he want Cruz to stay a Giant if he didn't want to stay a Knick next fall? Eh?

- Our friend Darwin Kastle makes a simple request of each Knick.

- This is mostly Jazz-centric, but it's still interesting to see where Carmelo Anthony ranks among other top scorers in terms of free throw regularity.

Them are the links. Have a pleasant evening, everyone.