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Pre-Game: Knicks at Celtics- 3/26/13

The Knicks play the Celtics at 7.

Jared Wickerham

Good evening! Knicks-Celtics (or "Knicks-Celtics", since large chunks of both teams will be absent) tips off at 7 PM. Here are some things of note beforehand.

- The game will be broadcast exclusively by TNT, but we provincial MSG-watchers will see a familiar face: Tina Cervasio! She's joining the TNT broadcast for the first time tonight, which is terrific.

- Full injury updates as of right now: Tyson Chandler is a "game-time decision", but I bet he sits. For the Celtics, Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger are already out and Kevin Garnett and Courtney Lee will both sit tonight as well. That leaves Paul Pierce and Jeff Green to torch the Knicks, and maybe someone sneaky like...I dunno, Shavlik Randolph. Just please not Jordan Crawford, Celtics.

- Yeap, Chandler's out:

- These quotes from Mike Woodson are worth looking at with regards to the above lineup. He sounds pleased with Pablo Prigioni in a starting role. I am also pleased and hopeful that success can hold up against better teams.

- Here is a thing:

- And here's more on how this game could affect the standings from Josh Alper.

That's what's up. The Celtics are suuuuper depleted, but they're the Celtics and they're in Boston, so I'm pretty nervous. 7 PM, y'all. See you then.

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