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Tyson Chandler's out Tuesday, and probably Wednesday, too.

Updates on Chandler's injured neck.


As I already mentioned in the previous thread, Tyson Chandler is out tonight because the bulging disc in his neck is still an issue. He spoke to reporters in the locker room this evening and provided some details. Via Marc Berman:

"The whole point was to test it yesterday to see how it felt,'' Chandler said. "Afterwards I knew my body wasn't ready. Late afternoon, I started to have the same symptoms last night and this morning. I knew right away I wasn't quite there. (The sensation) runs down my neck and shoulder.'' Chandler added, "When I'm on the basketball court and playing defense, rebounds and look down and up. That's my problem right now. It's not something I'm really worried about for the long period. But I need a couple of days, let it calm down.''

All that being the case, Chandler doesn't expect to play Wednesday night, which is a bummer. The Knicks have a decent shot sans Chandler against the equally depleted Celtics. The big, burly Grizzlies might be more of a problem.

We shall see. If Tyson's not worried, I'm, I'm still worried. I can't not worry when it comes to Knicks and their skeletons.