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Wednesday Razorbills


Good day! The Knicks have an appointment to play more basketball this evening, almost definitely without Tyson Chandler again. The Grizzlies'll be visiting, so that should be a challenge. For now, the challenge is to look at all these links. Please hold your applause until the end.

- Razorbills look a bit like penguins, but they're auks (closer related to puffins). They can fly, and do so over the ocean, reaching land only to breed and lay eggs and stuff. They dive deep underwater to eat fish, but not quite as deep as some of their auk relatives can dive. Three other razorbill facts: 1. A bunch of them showed up on the coast of Florida this winter, which is highly unusual. They go in cold places. 2. They mate 4 lyfe. 3. Penguin's young adult imprint is called Razorbill, which is kinda cute.

- Come for Kenyon Martin's telling off of the Celtics, stay for Paul Flannery's astute assertion that Ricky Davis would have loved last night's game. And then just stay for the night. Paul seems like a cool guy. I'm sure he'd be fine with it.

- Chris Herring: Two point guards = Good. That certainly appears to be the case.

- Our friend Mr. Fishner interviewed Milford Jerome, the man behind that magnificent J.R. Smith slow jam.

- Via Knickerblogger, here's Marcus Camby doing the "three to the head" thing and grabbing his wiener. If you click that link that's what you're gonna see.

- I love Pablo Prigioni and his idiosyncratic use of English Part 8849020:

"When I play with Raymond, he’s so aggressive," Prigioni said. "He has points in his hands. He’s talented. He can score, so for me if I play with a guard who can score, I try to find him for an open shot or for actions where he can play pick and roll."

- Don't expect the Knicks to start resting healthy people until they've got the division looked up. They want that division.

- Our friend Steve Meza on loving J.R. Smith. The entire J.R. Smith experience, that is. I love it, too.

- The Knicks got a special advance screening of G.I. JOE 2: THE NEW G.I. JOE MOVIE before their game in Boston, which produced this rather zooted-looking Steve Novak photo.

- Today is the funeral for Ray Williams, may he rest in peace.

Those are today's links. The Knicks and Grizzlies get to work at 7:30 tonight. I'm sure we'll have updates before then.

Update: Here's Amar'e Stoudemire speaking with Jim Rome, via Matt Moore. Doesn't sound the most confident about making a speedy return.