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Thursday Satin Bowerbirds


Brett Donald

Good Thursday, chickens. I got all your voicemails requesting that I post some links, so here are some links.

- I dug through the archives for a minute and realized I'd never done a bowerbird species. For shame. Bowerbirds are awesome. They're passerines from in and around Australia that have the coolest mating rituals ever. The males build bowers-- little bird-sized thatched structures that vary in form and decoration depending on the species-- to impress the females, then dance around them like little badasses. Satin bowerbirds are perhaps the best known species in the family. These dudes are particularly known for adorning their bowers with blue objects-- flowers and whatnot, but also stolen man-made objects like bits of plastic. Check it out.

- All the smart people on the internet agree: J.R. Smith's doing great things and those great things are helping the Knicks a lot!

- Mike Woodson says Tyson Chandler will be back before the playoffs, which...wait, was that in question!? Jeez.

- Cool local thing on Jim Todd's career path as a coach, which took a very sharp turn to reach New York. There aren't as many stories about Coach Todd burning down locker rooms and throwing raccoons at opponents as I expected.

- The Knicks are doing all sorts of extra-basketball publicity things today (a.k.a my inbox is full of CAPS LOCK PR EMAILS), the silliest of which is this business with Steve Novak and McDonalds. Here he is making wraps this afternoon and here are some really embarrassing #ad tweets he sent out. I always think that if I were a professional athlete I'd sign up for any and all endorsements, but man, that's just undignified.

- As I type this, Raymond Felton is doing a meet and greet thing for charity at the Boost Mobile store on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn. So, like, if you're currently around there, he's there right now. It ends at 5.

- Mike Woodson suggests once more that-- given the healthy players-- he might go with more traditional lineups against bigger opponents like Indiana.

- Stealz, y'all.

- You know, I don't think I've ever seen or heard Walt Frazier use any variation of the word "sex"-- in my imagination, he is a G-rated, sexually indifferent stuffed animal-- but then here ya go.

- And here's Tyson Chandler trying to convince you that fashionable sweatpants with blazers are the next big thing.

- I dunno if he sounds "irked", but Mike Woodson definitely sounds like he hasn't heard much about Amar'e Stoudemire's recovery.

Those are the links, children! Be well.