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Today is Orange Day for Mike Woodson

Well done, Melo.


Last night in college basketsport, Syracuse knocked off top-seeded Indiana to advance to the Elite Eight. This is of note to the Knicks because Syracuse alumnus/2003 NCAA Champion Carmelo Anthony and Indiana alumnus/1979 NIT Champion Mike Woodson had placed a bet on the game. It's unclear what the stakes would have been for Melo had Syracuse lost (one guess), but because they won, Woody's having himself a very Orange day.

Also see our friend Kevin Lincoln's rendering of an alternate reality in which Woodson was forced to actually BECOME an orange.

The orange shirt and orange tie (hopefully) are good. The actual orange is an especially clever touch on Melo's part. I think Woodson should also be required to messily eat a bag of Cheetos before tip-off so he has to coach with orange fingertips and a dusting of orange cheese powder in his beard. He should at least have to wear the headband and shooter's sleeves pictured above, right?

So, that settles that bet, but there might be more to come. Syracuse faces Steve Novak's Marquette on Saturday and there's already some intra-Knick contention taking place for that one. Meanwhile, one of these teams may end up facing Herb Williams' Ohio State in the Finals, and that might end with Herb killing somebody. If you lose a bet to Herb, he just punches you in the head and you die. So, that wouldn't be good.