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Video: Raymond Felton beats the buzzer from behind halfcourt

Oh yes.


I'm working on your (quick) Knicks-Celtics recap now, but while you wait, here's Raymond Felton's maximally trollish shot to end the first half. Jeff Green cut into the Knicks' lead with a driving lay-in, but left enough time on the clock for Felton to dribble almost to halfcourt and bank in a 49-foot buzzer-beater to go back up 17. Come for the shot, stay for the butt-bump, the Mike Woodson grin, and Ray's version of the J.R. Smith celebration.

The Knicks Wall has all your .gifs from the absurd shot. Meanwhile, P&T's resident oracle, bluecheese999, tells us that Felton's shot was the only one hit from exactly 49 feet in the 21st century. RAYMOND FELTON MADE HISTORY GUYS.

The Knicks went on to beat Boston by 19, though, according to the new collective bargaining agreement I just wrote, the game technically should have ended as soon as Felton hit that shot.