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Pre-Game: Knicks at Cavaliers- 3/4/13

The Knicks face the Cavs in Cleveland.


Good evening! At 7 PM, the Knicks will tip off with the Cavaliers in Cleveland. So far, there is no news regarding lineup or rotation changes. Marcus Camby and Kenyon Martin are available if not actually likely to play, while we can only assume James White will remain in the starting lineup (I hope this assumption gets shot down soon after I publish this post).

For the Cavs, Kyrie Irving is unfortunately ready to return from a knee injury while Dion Waiters might be too sick to play. Irving is pretty much the embodiment of New York's defensive weaknesses, and you may recall him nearly erasing a (Melo-less) Knicks victory by himself back in December (Anderson Varejao, who missed a crucial free throw in that one, is of course out now). I have trouble imagining a scenario in which the Knicks do anything to slow Irving, so perhaps they can keep everyone else quiet and hope Kyrie doesn't go full Stephen Curry on them.

This is either a nice opportunity to bounce back from a disappoint loss yesterday or another opportunity to get lit up by a opposing point guard and fall to a bad team. I hope it's the first one!!!! Game thread'll be up soon enough.

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