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Carmelo Anthony's knee injury kept him out of the second half in Cleveland.

His availability for Wednesday is uncertain.


It was tough to know what to make of Carmelo Anthony's knee injury right after it happened. After appearing to trip over his own foot, Melo crumpled to the floor, then walked unassisted into the locker room, where he remained for the rest of the game. During the game, Tina Cervasio reported a "sore right knee". We now have some updates from Melo himself:

We will see indeed. That the injury is a preexisting thing is-- in this instance--somewhat of a relief, since those occasions when someone falls and complains of knee pain without any apparent impact make me instinctively go "AHHH ACL ACL ACL NOOOO". On the other hand, a chronic knee issue isn't very good either. This, thankfully, doesn't sound like a serious thing, but it might be a small, nagging thing for the foreseeable future.

More updates as they come, plus a recap in the near future.