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Kenyon Martin signed a second 10-day contract.

Welcome back, Kenyon!

Bruce Bennett

It was expected, now it's official. Kenyon Martin will stay a Knick for another ten days:

Aside from practice, Martin hasn't had much opportunity to prove himself yet. He spent his five heroic second-quarter minutes on February 27 playing somewhat promising help defense against the Warriors and mostly staying out of the way on offense. Perhaps in the next ten days-- especially if Carmelo Anthony misses time with that knee injury-- Martin will earn more chances to spin, though Marcus Camby's return may stand in his way (Ex-Nugget cage fight to the death? Winner gets minutes off the bench?). As I think I've said before and/or elsewhere, Martin probably can't give the Knicks much on offense at this point, but his intermediate size and overall rowdiness might make him a really useful defender. Such a presence could help alleviate the lapses in rim protection suffered when Tyson Chandler leaves the court, perhaps with Martin in the middle of a zone defense a la Jared Jeffries.

Or Kenyon will keep sitting on the bench and playing with towels. I guess we'll see.

Update: I forgot to mention that after these next ten days expire, the Knicks have to either sign Martin for the rest of the year or let him walk forever. Two ten-days is the maximum.