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Tuesday Black Bazas



Hello, friends. The Knicks are in the midst of a four-games-in-five-days stretch, and today is that fifth day. While the Knicks prepare to face the Pistons in Detroit, we link, and when we link, we link to WIN.

- Bazas are Old World birds of prey sometimes called "cuckoo-hawks", perhaps because they kinda look like crosses between cuckoos and hawks. The black baza has an especially handsome spiky haircut and very nice stripes on its tummy.

- Carmelo Anthony injury things: 1. He is in Detroit and unofficially "day-to-day" just like every other injured Knick ever and will be reevaluated before tomorrow's game. 2. Mike Woodson said today on the radio that Melo asked him to come out of the game before tripping and falling, but got denied. Folks on Twitter are kinda mad about this. 3. Here are some educated guesses as to what Melo and his knee might be facing.

- Woodson also auto-flagellated for "bad coaching" in the fourth quarter of the Miami loss.

- Related: Amar'e Stoudemire certainly isn't complaining, but it seems someone around him is letting it be known that he doesn't feel this 30-minute limit on his playing time to be necessary.

- Sounds like the James White thing is going to keep happening, though it's not really clear why.

- Forgot to mention this last night, but Monday's comeback was the biggest for New York since that crazy comeback against the Bucks in 2004.

- I have no idea what the Knicks' chances against the Heat are, but I do want to point out Chris Herring's stat that Monday night was the first time the Knicks hit 40 percent or more of their threes in a month.

- Our friends at Oakley & Allen turned up a great video of the 1989 Knicks dunking on various buildings.

- I guess the subject got broached because of limited recent playing time, but yes, as has always been the case, Pablo Prigioni is on a one-year contract and is free to do whatever once that expires. As much as I love the guy, I wouldn't blame him if he doesn't want to come back.

- Speaking of Pablo, Zach Lowe also appreciates his illegitimate reluctance to shoot.

- Frank Dale posted this chart of the Knicks' defensive rankings by week.

- I enjoyed digging through these lists for pairs of Knicks and ex-Knicks.

- If Melo's out...Chris Copeland?

- I was informed that Baron Davis is making a TV show.

- Note to other NBA teams: DO NOT LOOK AT THIS.

- These things tend to get canceled, but Glen Grunwald is supposed to go on the radio today.

- Late addition: Mr. Fish's "Week in Knicks".

Those are the links! Have a lovely afternoon.