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Carmelo Anthony is questionable for Wednesday's game in Detroit.

Anthony has been hampered by a knee injury.


Carmelo Anthony exited Monday's game early because of a tumble/flare-up of a knee injury that had reportedly been bothering him for a little while. He'll have the knee looked at again before Wednesday's game against the Pistons, but here's the official-est update we're gonna get for now:

So, the Knicks still can't or won't tell us why the right knee is stiff/sore, but it is those things. As far as we know, Melo had an MRI a few days ago, but hasn't had one since taking that weird fall during the second quarter in Cleveland. As we speak, the Knicks are rubbing the knee with a Magic Eight Ball.

My guess, since you were totally asking for one, is that Melo won't play in Detroit. Let us pray (and/or sacrifice a couple lambs to the basketball gods) this isn't anything serious.

Update: On the radio just now, Glen Grunwald suggested Melo's status is uncertain for Friday Thursday against Oklahoma City, so I definitely don't expect him to play tomorrow. Not serious, though...