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Carmelo Anthony is still questionable, Kurt Thomas would start in his place.


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks held shootaround this morning in preparation for their game against the Pistons. Carmelo Anthony did not attend-- he stayed back at the team hotel for treatment-- and he remains a game-time decision for tonight. We still don't have a clear idea of what's wrong with Melo's knee, but:

Fluid, huh. Meanwhile, it sounds like the Knicks found said fluid with an MRI...which they said they weren't going to do...but maybe that was from the previous MRI...but then why didn't they mention that in the first place...but-- ah, whatever. Melo's right knee hurts. It's either fine or there's a railroad spike through it. The Knicks would say the same thing either way. All we can do is wait until he returns.

MEANWHILE, despite the "questionable"/"game-time decision" label, I feel pretty certain we won't be seeing Melo and his knee nectar tonight in Detroit. His absence requires a change in the starting lineup, and Mike Woodson revealed said change this morning:

Remember all our jokes about Woodson's sorta cocky propensity to initiate garbage time earlier and earlier in games? This is his ultimate troll: GARBAGE TIP-OFF.

But yeah, that's a shitty lineup. Amar'e Stoudemire and J.R. Smith will surely play starter's minutes-- Amar'e might have to crack 30 again-- off the bench, and I guess Woodson's banking on his first unit to tread water until those guys take the floor. Maybe they can just lie on top of the ball and run out as many shot clocks as possible until it's time for subs. If Kurt Thomas can hit some baseline jumpers out of Raymond Felton/Tyson Chandler pick-and-rolls, maybe the offense won't be as hideous as I imagine,

I get that a depleted team has to play some ugly lineups, but I'm still not sure why said ugly lineups have to take the floor against the opposition's best. Oh well. Woody's certainly got his idiosyncrasies. GET 'EM, KURT.




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