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Friday Brolgas


John O'Neill

Güd afternün, friends. Today is what feels like a very rare day off in a packed March schedule, so it's linkin' time.

- Australia is better than everywhere else at naming animals, in case that wasn't already evident from our years* of animal links. Example: One of their crane species is called the brolga. The fourteen other species names are all just variations of cranes, but the Australians went with brolga. They've even got boats called "brolga".

- Carmelo Anthony stuff: He's still questionable. No new tests are scheduled. Marc Berman spied his agent and the Knicks team doctor chatting today.

- So...uh...Renaldo Balkman didn't have a very good night over in the Philippines. I know we have a couple people over there, so can y'all check on Humpty? Renaldo's a P&T hero and we can't have him running around trying to choke people.

- A love letter to J.R. Smith.

- Interesting numbers in here regarding the shot locations of J.R.'s teammates when he is and is not on the floor.

- As is their wont, Oakley & Allen made the definitive J.R. highlight reel from last night.

- Knicks lookalikes! When I grow up, I want to be a Knicks Kid Reporter.

- I've somehow neglected to mention this up to this point, but our friend Keith Schlosser has been doing regular Knicks podcasts with Phife Dawg. Like...THE Phife Dawg.

- This old Woody Allen piece about watching the Knicks went back up today.

- The Knicks, beloved by junkies everywhere.

- Tyson Chandler and Steve Novak showed up at this event for Jeremy Lin's foundation. Wait a couple minutes and you can see Novak get rocked in pop-a-shot.

- Novak also showed up in this li'l Nike promo thing.

- I just re-watched some of Kenyon Martin's defensive possessions last night and, yeah, I'm already fine with him signing for the rest of the season. (Before you get excited: That's just Jared Zwerling saying Kenyon made his case for guaranteed money. No actual news.)

Those are the links, friends. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon. <3