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Knicks 113, Jazz 84: "That game was good, silly fun."

A nice blowout win to finish an otherwise discouraging day.


Today kinda sucked, but the Knicks helped un-suck it a bit by trampling the weary, similarly shorthanded Jazz. There wasn't much to it: The Knicks rotated with unusual vigor on defense, then-- without anyone around to isolate-- pushed the pace and shared the ball to feed an efficient, egalitarian scoring effort. After a slow start, things got very good and very silly, just like chris-9999 mentioned in the thread. Tonight was the perfect night for a thorough blowout. It had been over a month, and with today's injury news, we needed some joy.

I think every Knick played at least moderately well. Let's name them!

- Raymond Felton hit a decent share of his jumpers, but mostly looked to drive and dish or finish out of the pick-and-roll! I particularly enjoyed a gorgeous hesitation move in the second quarter that freed Felton for a baseline lay-in.

- Tyson Chandler shut down Al Jefferson, played terrific help defense on little folks, and dunked a few times!

- James White hit a three and hit Kurt Thomas with a gorgeous pass in transition!

- Kurt Thomas contested shots pretty nicely, drilled an early elbow jumper, and finished that gorgeous pass from White with a layup!

- Iman Shumpert made up for his inability to handle/finish in transition by going up strong and drawing fouls! 8-10 from the free throw line! Four steals, too!

- J.R. Smith ran a bunch of successful pick-and-rolls, some with entry passes and some with curlin' drives around the help and all the way to the basket! He also took full advantage of extended garbage time by chucking increasingly deep three-pointers and windmilling a wide-open dunk!

- Kenyon Martin played more great help defense and did a nice job filling Amar'e's shoes as the baseline dunking guy on the weak side of pick-and-rolls! He should probably never dribble or try to create his own shot ever, but the rest of the stuff was great!

- Steve Novak moved nicely over off-ball screens and hit five of ten threes! Deflected some passes on defense, too! AND THAT FLOATER!

- Pablo Prigioni played the most minutes he's played since mid-January threw some beautiful lobs, kick-outs, and bounce entries in pick-and-rolls! He also hit a three, grabbed a few offensive rebounds, and forced a backcourt turnover with some signature sneaking!

- Jason Kidd missed all his threes which is kinda disturbing but he made a whole bunch of really savvy defensive plays!

- Marcus Camby missed some point-blank finishes, but threw a great extra pass and forced a few turnovers!

- Chris Copeland finally got to play in garbage time and did that old, familiar thing where he manages to score a bunch of points in a very short period of time!

That's all for now! I'll make a leftovers post of all the silly nonsense that took place tonight, so if you find anything good out there on the internet, feel free to pass it along. Have a good night, babies. <3