P&T Atlanta Meetup

WHAT UP PARTY PEOPLE! So before the Final Four gets to takin' OVA our town, the Knicks are playing the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night. Sorry this fanpost went out so late, but you know I got bills, work, school, and other stuff going on.

I finalized my schedule pretty late, and am finally ALL CLEAR to go to this game. I can't wait to see the Knicks again, and hopefully they play better than that debacle against the Chicago Bulls I went to on the supposed "End of the World." Needless to say I know a few P&Ters are going to the game.

So let's meet up. Yes I want to meet you randos from the internet, I swear its not creepy.

My proposal would be to meet at Phillips before the game is and hang out on the main floor before me and my buddy Tommy go up to our cheap baseline seating in section 317 (aka where Fun goes to Die).

Doubt I'll be able to hang out much after since I'll have been up since 5 am, and have 830 classes the next day (SCHOOL SUX). I'd be also down to chill during halftime and probably for an hour after the game before cursing out traffic home.

Let me know what y'all think, and let's make this happen. LETS GO KNICKS.