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Monday White-Necked Rockfowl


Michael Andersen

Good day! The Knicks have today off to head south for their back-to-back against the Heat and Hawks. We'll hopefully get some updates later on how Tyson Chandler fared in practice and his availability for this week. For now, we link.

- The white-necked rockfowl is one of two species in the genus Picathartes-- goofy passerines that dwell on rocky perches in West Africa. This video showcases the terrific sound these guys make (sounds like a tiny dog bark to me), their overall silliness, and some footage of David Attenborough's initial trip to find them as well as the threats to their habitat.

- J.R. Smith, talkin' about clothes and pokin' some fun at his friends.

- Chris Herring brings the good shit, as is his wont, on the possibility that Kenyon Martin's hard fouls scare opponents into shooting worse.

- Among other things, Eric Davis lookin' cool holding a Clyde jersey.

- Here's the note from John Starks Emmy Rossum mentioned during her interview with Jill Martin last night.

- Did not notice until afterward that Iman Shumpert included a little holiday tribute in his most recent pre-game shape-up.

- Between this and the Steve Novak part of this, we learn that Rasheed Wallace got bored and spent time playing with markers yesterday.

- Carmelo Anthony talks a little trash to J.R. Smith (who'll be rooting for Louisville because of the familial ties). He also made Novak wear orange on the plane yesterday, which is dumb and insufficient. Orange headband! On the court! It's perfect!

- Mike Woodson already said he'd consider a Martin-Chandler front line for certain playoff match-ups (Indiana in particular), but I don't see any quotes from him in here and still don't expect to see it anytime soon.

- People talkin' about Chris Copeland after his sharp outing last night.

- Kenyon Martin makes an ass out of Howard Beck and himself.

- !

- In closing: Remember how a tough March schedule was supposed to finally sink the Knicks? It got weird for a bit, but they ended the month 12-6. Mmhmm.

That's all for the moment! I'm going to eat a sandwich, then I'm going to watch baseball. Yes.