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The Knicks are going to be tiny in Chicago.


Bruce Bennett

It's finally going to happen. The Knicks have played some preposterously small lineups this season-- Mike Woodson recently spun his shortest possible lineup for almost two minutes-- but never have they played an entire game without a true big man. It is time.

This, of course, comes after Chandler asked for more rest for the bulging disc in his neck, then Martin sprained his left ankle during the Knicks' win over the Wizards. The Bulls are shorthanded (and just short) themselves-- both Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson were listed as "questionable" last I saw-- but at least they've got Carlos Boozer and our old friend Nazr Mohammed. The Knicks have nobody. They'll probably have to start Steve Novak or Chris Copeland at center, which promises to be AWESOME. Who else is there? Carmelo Anthony? A constantly fronting Jason Kidd? An olive? How tall can Iman Shumpert grow his hair before tomorrow night?

No matter what, this is gonna be great. My only concern is that there are so few players left that Mike Woodson has no choice but to send real rotation guys out there and risk injuring them. We can't have more Knicks turning their ankles in the fourth quarters of silly April games. Melo in particular must be protected. NO TOUCHING.

So yeah, the Knicks' starting center options for Thursday are limited and hilarious. Joe's post on this subject will be up in the morning.