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There will be a P&T meet-up on Sunday.

Come watch a game with us!

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I mentioned these things yesterday, but here are the official announcements:

1. Tomorrow (Thursday) night at this place, there is going to be a reading of We'll Always Have Linsanity. I won't be reading (because I don't know how), but I will be there and I'd love to hang out with you and tenderly kiss the nape of your neck. Your call on that last part. The event starts at 7:30, which unfortunately means it's going to overlap with the beginning of the Knicks-Bulls game, though perhaps not so much of it, since the game's on TNT and an 8 PM tip will actually start at like 8:18. Either way, I think once the things' over, we'll boogie en masse toward a bar or something where we can watch the remainder of the game. (And, incidentally, I will tape the game, watch it in full when I'm home if necessary, and recap late tomorrow night.)

So that's that.

2. The main reason I'm posting is to announce this season's second P&T meet-up at Full Circle in Williamsburg. The bar proprietors and our good friend gbaked have once again arranged for us to gather, drink, and watch a Knicks game together. This time, it'll be the afternoon game on Sunday, April 14th against the Pacers. Tip-off is at 3:30, but I think I'll arrive early. That's a pretty big game, incidentally, and the Knicks have never lost during a P&T meet-up (4-0, I believe). Come on out. If you plan to attend on Sunday, please RSVP by sending me an email with the subject line "Whale Farts" (for cataloging purposes, but also because it'll make me laugh) with your P&T username and the rough number of people you anticipate bringing with you. This is just to get a rough headcount. If you're coming to the reading tomorrow, you don't need to RSVP. Oh, one more thing, via our friends at Full Circle:

Really fun deal for this game. EVERY time Novak hits a THREE...ANYTHING IN THE BAR IS $3 (Any shot, Any beer, Any cocktail) People have 3 minutes after he makes the shot to order it.

Reckless, especially since the dude might very well be the starting center. Hope to see you this week(end)!