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Wednesday Blue-Crowned Hanging Parrots



Evening, babies. No Knicks game tonight. Yes links tonight. Feel free to use this as a thread for whatever else you're watching/doing, too.

- Birds in the genus Loriculus are called "hanging parrots" (the one above is a blue-crowned hanging parrot) because they sleep/rest upside-down like bats do. There have been some documentations of other birds sleeping this way, but they're the only type that definitely always do it. I was reading this journal article abstract about them and got really curious about how they poop (it mentions a "peculiar defaecation posture") when they're upside down. I found an answer:

"When it wants to defecate in such a position, it transfers support to one foot, flexes its body at an angle, raises its tail and shoot."

Awesome. Me too.

- The Knicks appear to be back in the hunt for a big man, though we don't have any names. I WONDER WHY?

- We won't be seeing Kenyon Martin or Tyson Chandler in Cleveland, either. NO BIG MEN EVER.

- Carmelo Anthony dominates April. He always has. Now, about May...

- Henry Abbott raises an eyebrow at this whole business with Iman Shumpert shaving off his Adidas hair to appease the NBA.

- David Roth compares these Knicks-- their character, their New York-ness-- to previous genuinely competent Knicks teams.

- Now that I've heard J.R. Smith call the Larry O'Brien Trophy the "gold ball", I want him to win one SO BADLY. Or does he mean the golden snitch?

- Mike Woodson stays wearing some weird, weird stuff (that watch cuff!) and the Knicks stay making fun of him for it. Shump's face there is hilarious. Also, seriously, can someone tell me what this is?

- DOES the ball lie, though?

- Yo, Melo, pick it up it in the left corner, man.

- It's been a while since that last division title. A long, long while.

- Amar'e's gonna be on Bravo next week?

- The Knicks got written up in The New Yorker today, dude.

Those are the links! Have a terrific evening. I hope to see you tomorrow, and please RSVP if you want to come to the thing Sunday.