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Isola: The Knicks are close to signing James Singleton

He's...kind of a big man!


We heard earlier today that the Knicks had reversed course and decided to pursue a free agent big man. I guess this is that?

Ian Begley's source tells him this is pretty much done.

Singleton played a little bit last year with the Wizards, but has spent most of the last couple years playing in China. I think of him as a solid defender/rebounder/tattoo-haver with not much else to offer, which is fine. He's not exactly a "big man" at 6'8", but considering the alternatives, he'd probably start at center for the Knicks, like, tomorrow if he showed up on time.

Since the roster's at 15 men, someone does indeed have to be cut. If this does get finalized, we'll see if it's actually Kurt Thomas like Isola suggests. If the Knicks do cut Kurt, I desperately hope they'll keep him around just to hang out. I'll update if I see more.

Update: Thoughts from Mike Prada, who covered Singleton when he was with the 'zards:

He would still be in the NBA if the Wizards valued him more. Wizards wanted to keep him but he opted to go to China to get more money twice. NBA-quality, great fit with New York's style. A bit undersized and his jumper comes and goes, but he'll do a reasonable approximation of Kenyon Martin. A good pickup.


So, that's why.