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Chris Copeland will start at center tonight. This is his tale.

How Chris Copeland came to be a Knick.


We begin with the news we were all waiting for: tonight's starting center.

Of course, the way Carmelo Anthony and Chris Copeland play, Melo will be more of a "center" on offense, but don't you ever call him that. So, cool. The Knicks will be very small, but so will the Bulls, and it just doesn't matter that much. Keeping everyone healthy matters most.

Meanwhile, the timing of Cope's reinsertion into the starting lineup is nice, because we got a riveting reminder today of how wonderful it is that he's even here. It mustn't be taken for granted how far our beloved 29 year-old rookie traveled to become a rotation player on a contending team. Flinder Boyd, Copeland's former teammate in Spain, wrote a beautiful SB Nation Longform today detailing every painstaking step in Cope's journey from childhood hardship to a middling college career to seemingly every backwater organization in Europe. I've spent the last few minutes trying to pick an excerpt, but I can't settle on just one. I implore you to just take a few minutes-- print it out or pull it up on your phone and give it a toilet read, perhaps-- and read the whole thing.