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Game Thread: Knicks at Bulls- 4/11/13

The Knicks face the Bulls in Chicago.

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Good evening! This is Seth from a few hours ago pre-writing a game thread for y'all. The Knicks are in Chicago tonight. Both teams are severely depleted up front, so this should be a weird, wild battle of short people. One can't really say how seriously these teams will take the game. I just hope nobody gets hurt.

I won't be around tonight and will actually miss the first half or so of the game (though I'll be recording it) because of the We'll Always Have Linsanity Varsity Letters event tonight at 7:30. Once that's done, I think a lot of us are gonna head over here to watch the remainder of the game. Should be a good time.

Anyway, this is your thread. This is Blog a Bull. Tonight's game is on TNT, which means the 8:00 tip will be more like 8:18 next Monday. There might be a generic recap up right after the final buzzer, and I'll put something up myself later on. Go the Knicks! Don't get hurt!