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Woj: The Knicks will sign Solomon Jones

Perhaps there is a bigger man to be had.

Tyler Kaufman-US PRESSWIRE

The news for a few days had been that the Knicks were going to cut Kurt Thomas-- whose foot injury requires surgery-- to sign forward James Singleton. That deal has apparently fallen through, and the Knicks are going elsewhere. Instead of Singleton, they'll sign Solomon Jones, according to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski.

You may remember Jones-- they call him "Solo", I call him "Lomon"-- as the third-string big man from the Hawks, or perhaps the Pacers. Or some very brief NBA stops since. Or perhaps China. At a full 6'10", Jones is a bigger dude than Singleton, and he's more of a shot-blocker, if not a better overall floor defender (or rebounder). At 28, he's pretty much a baby relative to the rest of the Knicks. Of course, this is all assuming we're not talking about this guy.

I was pretty excited about Singleton's defense, rebounding, and ability to shoot, so this is kinda disappointing. It's odd, given that Singleton was in Chicago with the team last night, that his signing fell through. Jones is bigger, but not nearly as versatile or intriguing as a sneaky awesome signing (to me, anyway).

Nothing is official yet, so we'll have to wait and see. For now, there's just speculation that Singleton may not have been able to negotiate his way out of China or that the Knicks are still pursuing him and intend to cut a second player. Again, both of those things are just speculation. Speculation. This is speculation. It's all speculative. These people might not exist. You and I might not exist.

Update: 1. This is happening, and Jones may be in uniform as soon as tonight. He might very well start at center.. 2. Singleton is reportedly not happening because of some issues bailing him out of China. Buns.