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Kurt Thomas has officially been waived.


It's official. Farewell, Kurt Thomas. We've had a long, wonderful history together, and I'm happy we got to share that last miraculous game in Utah before you said goodbye, perhaps for good.

Thomas will have surgery on that right foot next week. Glen Grunwald made a really nice statement to bid him farewell, which isn't something the Knicks always do in moments like these:

"We thank Kurt for all that he has done. I have the utmost respect for Kurt as a player and as a man."

Of course, we all hope Kurt can stick with the team through the playoffs as a spirit animal/mascot/resident heckler of sorts. Howard Beck suspects that's a possibility.

The cut will presumably make space for Solomon Jones, though that signing has not yet been finalized, as far as I know. Once that's done, Jones might be available as soon as tonight's game in Cleveland (and might very well start if that's the case, right?).